Vibe classic violet base

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The Vibe range of professional tanning solution slips over the skin like velvet transforming it into absolutely stunning colour, with no fragrance and absolutely no smell. Instantly dry to the touch Vibe delivers clients the ultimate wearing experience…after using it for the first time it rapidly becomes their tanning solution of choice. Vibe contains triple bronzers to give you deeper, instant colour, longer.  Be prepared though – people often stop consumers to comment on their fabulous tan! Add it to your salon today and be confident your client will love it while helping you to build your client base.  Features and benefits include: •    Violet Based •    Plus new Brown Base Evolutions 2-4-6 •    Instant Colour •    Triple Bronzers •    Enriched with antioxidants and botanicals •    Hydrates and nourishes  •    Odourless •    Exceptional Drying •    Non Sticky •    Lasts 7 - 10 days - See more at: 

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